The secret to choosing a handbag for a girl of modest height

For girls with small stature, it is necessary to choose a bag to not grow tall and improve height. Let’s join Nianow to choose the handbag for her “dwarf mushroom” right away!

Choose a carry bag for work days

The so-called “shoulder bags” when used for work are the smart choice of short, light-weight girls. This item is easy to combine with other outfits and is extremely trendy and fashionable, helping her “dwarf mushroom” easily cheat her height and shape.

Choose a carry bag for work days
Choose a carry bag for work days

Or if you have a short and slightly round figure, you should choose small bags that fit your body. Pay attention to the body ratio and the size of the big-to-small handbag to choose the most suitable handbag.

Bucket bag – the popular line of outing bags

As the most trendy bag style in the end of 2018 and early 2019, with a rounded lid, the unique feature of the round shape has helped Bucket bag create a strong wave in fashion trends of fashionista. It is also because of this slim design that Bucket Bag will create a perfect highlight for her entire set, helping her not to be “drowned” with her modest physique.

Bucket bag
Bucket bag

Bucket Bag often has a wide design inside, so it can hold many things such as phones, headphones, wallets, … In addition, with a variety of colors and youthful, Bucket Bag brings to her. “Dwarf mushroom” has a more confident and luxurious manner when on the street.

Hand Wallet- Item for party parties

Small girls often possess “no age” beauty. However, in order to preserve this youthful look, when choosing Clutch for a luxury nightclub, the “dwarf mushrooms” should pay attention to choosing soft leather clutches instead of stone clutches to avoid the case of “lookin”. than in my appearance. Especially when the wedding season is approaching, a lovely and stylish leather clutch is indispensable in her wardrobe.

Hand Wallet- Item for party parties
Hand Wallet- Item for party parties

A suitable bag with a suitable outfit will help you cover up all the blemishes in the eyes of the opposite person. After reading this article, the short girls immediately buy a clutch, shoulder bag, or a youthful bucket bag for me!

Nianow always has specialized bags, exclusively for dwarf girls, come right now.

Nike HyperAdapt 1.0

It is worth mentioning that the Auto Lacing technology applied for the first time in a pair of Nike sneaker is considered a pioneer in technology reaching the future and Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 is the touch. Although it is still necessary to adjust the users themselves, this is considered an important turning point in the self-adaptive shoe technology that the industry is always looking forward to in the future.


A shoe with styling technology is too bulky. That must be the question of most users. Nike’s answer will make you happy when HyperAdapt 1.0 shoes feature Nike’s signature design. The color scheme is also very subtle when only releasing 3 main color schemes: White / White-White; Black / Blue Lagoon-Landscape-White; Metallic Silver / White-Black.


Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 – Affordable price

Integrating futuristic technologies into a pair of crossbow shoes you wonder how much the Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 sneakers cost. Even when it was first known at the Nike’s Innovation event held in March 2016, the shoes were considered to have a heavenly price.

And indeed when HyperAdapt 1.0 shoes were officially released for a limited quantity (about 1000 pairs) at the Nike SoHo and Nike + Clubhouse stores, in New York City on December 17, 2017, Nike made the price. retail price is 720 USD or 16 million VND. With a smart shoe this is probably a not too surprising price, but the limited release of only 1000 pairs around the world has made the shoes sometimes pushed up for real prices in the sky.


How to clean and preserve suede shoes

cách-vệ-sinh-và-bảo-quản-giày-da-lộn (1)cách-vệ-sinh-và-bảo-quản-giày-da-lộn (1)
cách-vệ-sinh-và-bảo-quản-giày-da-lộn (1)

Suede is a fabulous, sophisticated fashion item to upgrade your style. However, suede material is also very easy to get dirty or discolored by weather and dirt. Hence, keeping and cleaning new and clean suede shoes can be quite a daunting task. Of course, there’s no way we can buy great shoes just keep them in boxes, knowing how to clean suede shoes is also essential for us men.


TrungSneaker will share with you some tips as well as tips to help you keep your favorite suede shoes looking new, especially in the rainy and windy climate in Vietnam.

With the leather material you have to be careful not to damage your shoes in the process. If your shoes are made of genuine suede, be sure to only clean them by hand and avoid putting them in a washer or dryer. Also, we need to check any shoe storage instructions provided by that brand before we start cleaning them.

How to clean the sneakers

Sneakers are the perfect choice for casual everyday wear and suede sneakers can be a good choice for the Nike, adidas, and puma suede lines. However, wearing suede shoes on the street can quickly make them quite dirty with dirt.

A must-have first step when cleaning a sports suede shoe is to remove the laces and maintain the shoe shape with a special shoe tree or anything of the same capacity. Then, use a special gum to remove the necessary dirt before cleaning with a dedicated soft bristle brush (or toothbrush), shoe cleaning solution and water. Once clean, allow your shoes to dry before using another dry scrubbing brush for an original natural look in suede.


How to clean leather shoes like boots

Suede boots (Suede boots) are all slightly dust-oriented and strong that will highlight the clothes you are wearing. From classic neutral colors like black, deep brown, … to outstanding, youthful colors like navy blue, light gray or gray … To own a beautiful durable suede boots is also required. We must clean and store them in careful condition. To start cleaning, we can remove the shoelace then use a specialized soft brush dipped in water and sanitizing solution. Next, place one hand inside the shoe to stretch the face to be rub, the other hand use a brush to rotate it evenly in a circular direction. Repeat with the remaining boots and rinse with water to rinse off the solution and let dry for 24 hours. Once dry, you can now use a little brushed mink oil to bring back the softness of your suede shoes.


How to clean white suede shoes

White suede shoes can make one of the shoes stand out in style but of course this is also the color that makes people “the most laborious” in care. To keep your white shoes looking their best, be sure to apply a skin protection spray before going out and remove any signs of dirt as soon as they appear. Start by soaking up the water before using the eraser to fix the stain. For further cleaning, clean it again with a soft cloth soaked in white vinegar or a soft bristle brush with a cleaning solution that gently scrubs the dirt, rinse and let dry.


Women’s leather wallet for a girl who loves meticulousness

Are you a lover of meticulousness and sophistication? Want a meticulously designed women’s leather purse to suit your taste? So which option is best for you. Please refer to the suggestions below to have a best choice.

Handmade women’s leather wallet perfect choice for girlfriends who love meticulousness

Referring to handmade products, people immediately think of the meticulousness and sophistication in each needle thread. And this is clearly shown in the extremely eye-catching and delicate handmade women’s leather purses. If you are a discreet girl who loves meticulousness, this is definitely the perfect choice. Not only having diverse designs, these women’s leather purses are also extremely durable because they are designed and sewed by experienced craftsmen themselves with real leather so you can be assured of durability as well as the meticulousness of these purses.

Handmade women’s leather wallets have high aesthetics and are always present in fashion items of trendy girls. How about you? The meticulousness coming from handmade women’s leather purses will surely make you admire.

Handmade women's leather wallet is a suitable choice for those who love meticulousness
Handmade women’s leather wallet is a suitable choice for those who love meticulousness

Which wallets will suit a meticulous girl like you?

The leather wallets that girls love meticulously, discreetly love them, often long-shaped wallets and folding women’s leather wallets.

For long-form female leather wallets, you will be satisfied with its simple yet sophisticated design. This wallet model is very convenient, with a long shape, you can put in many large-sized items without worrying that the wallet will be deformed, causing loss of aesthetics. This wallet model is often used by ladies in luxury parties that are both delicate and convenient to hold.

Different from long-form female leather wallets with fixed size, the wallets are compact, foldable and extremely pretty. The process of sewing folding wallets is also somewhat more elaborate, requiring the designer to be extremely meticulous and careful to create the perfect folding wallet.

A luxury women's long leather wallet suitable for parties
A luxury women’s long leather wallet suitable for parties

Women’s leather purses have many styles and trends, it’s not difficult to choose a suitable wallet, right? Do you have a choice for yourself yet? Please visit to see more diverse women’s leather wallets with many extremely meticulous and delicate handmade leather designs. These will be indispensable accessories to show your class. You can also call hotline 0924 808 789 for advice and more information about attractive promotions.