Air Jordan 1 High OG “Hyper Royal”


Air Jordan 1 High OG “Hyper Royal”


This new color “Hyper Royal” Air Jordan 1 High OG version, slated for release in 2021, uses suede and leather on the body of the logo high heel to create a visual change. sense. And using gray, light blue and white to complement each other creates a fresh and unique color scheme, demonstrating Air Jordan’s innovation 1. Although there is no co-brand blessing, color injection Such new topic may have a chance of becoming the next topic.


Air Jordan 1 KO “Chicago”


Speaking of the Air Jordan 1 color scheme, of course, there will be a mention of the “Chicago” representative color scheme, and if you look closely, this is not the OG style but the canvas material “KO”! The last release of this model started back in 2014, and it was re-released after almost 7 years, which is sure to get fans of AJ1 quite excited. In addition to the material changes, the text “AJKO” is also written on the Wings Logo on the side, showing its various classical variations.

How to Choose Beautiful Ring Styles That Match Girl’s Hand

Each of us has a beautiful hand and each hand has a different beauty. Choosing for themselves a ring suitable for their hands is something that many women care about. If you also want to know how to choose, please join us to find out through today’s article!

Instructions on how to choose a beautiful female ring for your girlfriend

To choose a ring suitable for the hands, the first thing we need to pay attention is the shape of our hands. With each hand shape, we will have different TIPs to choose for themselves a beautiful ring, most suitable, to help flatter those lovely hands.

Hand shape shoots shoots

If you have a sleeveless shape then congratulations, with this hand shape you can choose any ring style, they are also suitable for these pretty little hands, as long as you like. This is a hand shape that can match all different beautiful rings.

Hand shape shoots shoots
Hand shape shoots shoots

Hand compact, compact, thin and long fingers

If you have a small, compact, thin and long fingers, this is the secret to help you choose the best ring for yourself. With this hand shape, the palms will usually be narrow and rectangular in shape. So, you need to choose for yourself a ring that helps your hand balance, square and plump. The advice for you is to choose a ring with a small block with a stone or jade face or if possible, you can choose a diamond with a circle or square, choose a small medium to help the table. your hands are more balanced.

Hand compact, compact, thin and long fingers
Hand compact, compact, thin and long fingers

You should pay attention to the finger length, do not leave the nail long because it will create a smaller and thinner effect. If nail polish, choose for yourself light tones such as white, pink, light blue … avoid dark colors that will make your hands lose their inherent slenderness.

Big hands, short thin fingers

With large hands, thin and short fingers, square palms, you should let your nails be slim, slightly pointed, giving you a slender look. This type of hand should choose rings with a moderate size, avoid rings that are too big that will make the hand look rough. The ring face should be selected with an elongated shape or a rectangular shape or a diamond shape. Do not choose too large face types. If you have a preference for nail polish, choose red, grape or sepia paint colors to help you harmonize.

Big hands, short thin fingers
Big hands, short thin fingers

Big hands, rough fingers and wide nails

If you are using a large hand shape, with a coarse finger, and a wide nail, then your advice is to file your nails slightly round and use bold paint and leave the sides apart to make the nail look smaller. Choose for yourself the rings with the right ring size, diamond shape or oval shape.

5 Basic Rules Of Swimming For Junior This Summer!

In hot weather, people will surely rush to swim. There is nothing better than being immersed in cool water. However, drowning can happen to anyone, whether you know how to swim or being an excellent swimmer, including adults and even children. So, you must understand the rules of swimming in order to avoid all possible bad situations.

First, you must know 5 Basic Rules of swimming:

1. Water Comfort:

  • Being comfortable in the water
  • Spending time in a shallow pool or wadding in the ocean

2. Breath control:

  • Water entering the nose and mouth when you’re a novice swimmer
  • Exercise such as drawing a breath, submerging, blowing bubbles and then resurface for another breath
  • Specific breathing techniques for different stroke

3. Floating:

  • Keeping your body horizontal position in the water 
  • Not a difficult skill, since human are naturally buoyant
  • Require a few techniques

4. Kicking:

  • Provides propulsion through the water
  • Also used in treading water, which is the process of remaining in one place while keeping your head above the water line
  • Kickboard, flat flotation devices made of foam or plastic that support the swimmer’s body
  • Allow you to focus solely on your kicking technique without worrying about staying afloat

5. Stroke:

  • The arm movements used to pull the body through the water
  • Front Crawl (Freestyle), Backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly: each stroke use different body positioning, breathing techniques and arm movements
  • Best learned when training with a qualified coach

Different techniques of 04 stroke

Butterfly stroke

The swimmer must remain on the breast at all times with synchronized arm and leg movements. Arms must recover clear of the water and enter the water together In front of the swimmer. Legs must remain together throughout the stroke and only vertical motion is permitted. Any separation of the legs or horizontal movement is considered illegal and thus subjects the swimmer to disqualification.

At the start of a race, swimmers dive in and are permitted as many fly legs kick as they want, subject to the head breaking the surface of the pool before the 15m point. At the turns and at the end of the race, swimmers must touch the pool wall or timing pad with both hands simultaneously.


Here arms and legs follow a circular motion and must remain synchronous at all times. Swimmers must remain on the breast at all times and must stay flat in the water. If the body twists slightly, this will throw the legs off of a horizontal plane, resulting in what is termed a screw kick, resulting in a disqualification. At turns and the finish, a touch must be made with both hands, at the same time.


Swimmers must remain on their back at all times, except for when performing a turn. Here the swimmer may turn to their breast and initiate a turn immediately, leaving the wall on their back. Any time spent on the breast heading towards the wall is not allowed and if spotted by the turn judge will result in disqualification.

As with butterfly stroke, swimmers must break the surface of the water before the 15m mark. At the finish, it is normal for the swimmers to duck under the water to gain an advantage. This is acceptable, providing a part of the body is above the water at the time of touching the wall.


This stroke is generally considered the fastest stroke, although for some stronger swimmers, butterfly stroke may be quicker. Freestyle is pretty much anything goes and there is nothing to prevent swimmers from performing backstroke or butterfly during a freestyle race, as long as the whole race uses the same stroke. Swimmers must touch the wall at the turns and the finish, with the most common rule infringements being not touching the wall, or coming up in the wrong lane from the turn.

One additional event for the swimmer is the individual medley event. Here four strokes have swum in order, butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. Each stroke will be swum for 25% of the race with the freestyle stroke being anything that hasn’t already been swum. At the end of each stroke, it is important to perform the finish for that stroke, so for instance at the end of the butterfly stroke, a two-handed touch must be made before starting the backstroke. A common error is to perform a tumble turn between strokes, thus not satisfying the finish for the stroke, resulting in a disqualification.

Each stroke requires different techniques, the best for your safety is to master at least 1 of 04 strokes to avoid a bad situation that could happen. If there is something bad happen, you can use that stroke you swim best to stay survive.

Hope you will have a joyful summertime and be safe!


What are the basic rules for swimming?

Gucci Rhyton shoes have distinct stains

Next, the appearance of the Rhyton Gucci Logo Sneaker again caused noise about the true value of the shoe. With 2 Gucci logos printed on the side, suspended in the sole and upper, showing the superior printing technique on the ivory white background of the entire shoe, is the motto of the fashion company leading the trend. , “Innovating and getting younger every day”. This version has a very “monster” dark pink version, challenging all fashion players


Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele also released a Web Print template and a template inspired by the once hot SEGA game, bringing new nuances to the Gucci Rhyton shoe line.


No residual glue, no sewing thread, no small spots that affect the beauty and quality of the Gucci Rhyton pair. Many buyers were surprised by the comfort and the weight is much lighter than imagined. The outside is real leather, the inside is also high-grade textile, the lining is made of leather with the unmistakable logo, making it easier to wear shoes for a long time, without feeling like the “old dad’s shoes” are still seen.