Meaningful Just Because Pop Up Gift Card Ideas 

Just Because is a special occasion that offers everyone the chance to celebrate a day without reason and thinking. If you want to let someone know they’re on your mind, check out some meaningful Just Because pop-up gift card ideas below. 

Dragonfly Pop Up Card  

Meaningful Just Because Pop Up Gift Card Ideas 
Dragonfly Pop Up Card

Let start with a Dragonfly gift card. The card features a bright pink cover. It describes a beautiful three-dimensional Dragonfly with sparkling yellow wings. He is landing on a leaf to relax after a long day. 

This animal symbolizes happiness, new beginnings, hope, and change for many centuries. If a dragonfly lands on you, it means good luck is on your way. To the native Americans, the dragonfly stands for swiftness, transformation, adaptability, and self-realization.  

There is no doubt that this is a perfect present for any occasion, especially for a special day like Just Because. 

Daisy Bushes (Olearia) Hedge Plant Flower 3D Pop Up Card  

Meaningful Just Because Pop Up Gift Card Ideas 2
Daisy Bushes (Olearia) Hedge Plant Flower 3D Pop Up Card  

Another gift to give on Just Because Day we want to show you is this Daisy pattern. It creat a great impression with a dark green cover and an engraving of a lovely daisy on the front of the card.        

When the card is opened, it exposes a masterpiece of stunning Daisy bushes planted on a square lot and surrounded by a white hedge. Butterflies from other places also come to witness the beauty of these flowers.   

Daisy signifies true love, friendship, innocence, purity, and new beginnings. In addition to that, the butterfly represents endurance, change, hope, and life. Both images bring us a familiar scene of nature and serenity in the soul as well.   

Blue Morpho Butterfly 3D Pop Up Card  

Meaningful Just Because Pop Up Gift Card Ideas 3
Blue Morpho Butterfly 3D Pop Up Card  

The blue cover of this card is amazing with a laser-cut butterfly. Upon opening the card, the receiver can admire an awesome 3d model of Blue Morpho with iridescent blue and black wings. The butterfly is perching on a white flower. What a fascinating scene to see.    

Blue Morpho Butterfly is a rare animal. This animal signifies change, rebirth. The Blue butterfly’s spiritual meaning is also related to the vibration of joy, transformation, hope, and happiness.    

You can use the Blue Morpho Butterfly 3D gift card to surprise the one you care about this year’s Just Because Day. 

Tulip Flower Pop Up Card     

Meaningful Just Because Pop Up Gift Card Ideas 4
Tulip Flower Pop Up Card     

Imagine the precious smile of the recipient when they receive this flower pop-up gift from you. The card portrays an elegant bush of some tulips blooming beautifully.    

The tulip represents fame, wealth, elegance, and grace. Because this flower only blooms in the spring when the darkness of the winter is gone, it is also considered a notation of eternal life.    

Besides, the meaning of tulip is also varies depending on its color. The yellow tulip stands for cheerful thoughts and simple joy while the red one signifies “perfect love.”     

That is why sending the Tulip Flower Pop Up Card for your beloved one on the Just because Day is not a bad idea at all. 

Most Adorable Animal Pop Up Gift Cards for Christmas 

Christmas is a great occasion for you to spend specious moments with the ones you care about. If you want to warm their hearts on this special holiday, just send them these most adorable animal pop-up gift cards for Christmas and see how they work. 

Panda Christmas Pop Up Card   

Most Adorable Animal Pop Up Gift Cards for Christmas 
Panda Christmas Pop Up Card   

Melt your beloved ones’ hearts with this adorable Panda Christmas pop-out card. With a light pink cover and green background. The card is a vivid simulation of a black & white panda. He is wearing a Christmas hat, holding a stalk of bamboo and a small present in his hand.  

Pandas represent docility, love, optimism, wisdom, determination, discipline, kindness, abundance, and positive things in life. Since these animals are very slow-moving animals, they also an emblem of peace in the soul. They encourage us to slow down and enjoy the rhythm of life.  

This wonderful Panda Christmas Pop Up Card will be a thoughtful present for any recipient on this year’s Christmas Day.  

Xmas Red Birds Pop Up Card  

Most Adorable Animal Pop Up Gift Cards for Christmas 2
Xmas Red Birds Pop Up Card  

The greeting card depicts a cardinal with a bright red body, a crest on their head, black feathers on their faces, and a short, orange beak. He is wearing a Christmas hat which is in red color as well.  

Cardinals symbolize faith, hope, and love. For that reason, they always show up on holiday decorations such as greeting cards, wall decor, pillows, wrapping paper…  

With an incredible 3D figure of the cardinal, this Xmas Red Birds Pop Up Card is exactly what you need for a perfect gift on the Christmas holiday.   

Christmas Pop Up Card with Christmas Dragonfly   

Most Adorable Animal Pop Up Gift Cards for Christmas 3
Christmas Pop Up Card with Christmas Dragonfly   

Make your Christmas holiday more interesting and unforgettable with this inventive Christmas Dragonfly pop-out card.  

Inside the card, there is a simulation of a beautiful yellow-winged dragonfly, perching upon a green wreath. This model is striking on a white background and blue cover. The line ” Merry Christmas” is considered a meaningful wish to any receiver.  

Dragonfly is a symbol of happiness, new beginnings, hope, and change for many centuries. To the native Americans, this animal also signifies swiftness, transformation, adaptability, and self-realization.  

On the other hand, a traditional evergreen-branches wreath is a notation of Christmas with a meaning of an eternal and never-ending circle of life. It is often hung on the door or in the window.  

Christmas Blue Birds (with nest) 3D Pop Up Card

Most Adorable Animal Pop Up Gift Cards for Christmas 4
Christmas Blue Birds (with nest) 3D Pop Up Card


Looking for a lovely card for bird lovers on Christmas? Well, this Blue Bird card is exactly what you need. 

It is a masterpiece with a Bluebird perching on a beautiful nest atop a branch. She is feeding her baby with worms. With a light-yellow background and green cover, this amazing 3D greeting card will mesmerize anyone.  

The bluebirds stand for healing, forgiveness, and emotional & spiritual balance. On the other hand, the illustration of a bluebird and her baby is a symbol of a new beginning, hope, caring & love, nurturing. It also represents balance and connection to family. 

Could your body be like swimmer body?

Surely you know the phrase “swimmer body”? Why is that phrase, what is it attractive that everyone desires? Firm arms, flat stomach, no fat, all the muscles on the body are solid, especially the enormous height … Is there any other factor that can be called “Swimmer body”? Let’s go find out.

1. The height

Most swimmers have ideal height measurements, which are superior to other sports. The average height of the world champion athletes distance 100m freely at 1m93cm, the lowest is 1m84. As you can see, somehow the height of the swimmers startle you. And this is a very important point in the competition when you only need to be 1-3cm higher than your opponent, the result will be very different.

Many of the top women in the world also possess great height, as world record-holder Sarah Sjostrom and Katie Ledeckey are both six feet tall (1.83m), while 100 free gold medalists Simone Manuel and Penny Oleksiak stand at 5-foot-eleven-inches and six-foot-one-inch tall respectively. In fact, the average height of the 2016 Olympic finalists in Rio was 6 feet and two inches tall (1.884 m) for men and five feet nine inches (1.755 m) for women, both of which are substantially higher than the average human. 

Katie Ledecky
Katie Ledecky

In particular, have you ever noticed that a swimmer’s stride length is longer than the average person’s?
That’s right, their arm span lengths are typically all 10cm longer than their body height.

2. Flexibility

Before starting the competition, you will always see Michael Phelps flexing and then throwing his hands across his chest for his hands to hit the back, then tossing his arms back to touch. Phelps also has very good elasticity in the ankles, along with “hyper-extending”, those who have this feature will catch more water than the average person.
The movement must be done from the head, long amplitude requires us to have very flexible ribs, shoulders, and back to have lean.

3. Strength

The female swimmers are indeed very strong. They can completely lift weights no less than male athletes. During the swimming process of swimming styles such as butterfly swimming, or freestyle swimming, the upper body is maximized in strength, so often athletes can fully lift the weight of objects with the same weight as they can.

4. Wide and large Lats (V back)

The water pulling movements start all over the head, so you will need to have strong lats. Your lats extend throughout your back, from your spine to your shoulders.
The water pulling that is repeated billions of times while swimming will make your lats bigger. Not to mention that underneath this muscle is the location of the two lungs. You also know that swimming increases lung volume, right? Because professional swimmers can hold a very deep breath before having to rise to breathe oxygen, their lungs are also larger than normal.

5. Broad shoulders

The broad shoulder is due to the fact that you perform a swimming technique such as a side fan. The fact that you train in the water so much plus the invisible water resistance make your shoulders bigger. For female athletes, this can make it more difficult for them to buy clothes compared to the average person.

6. Body looks like a torpedo

Completely different from land sports, water is 800 times denser than air at sea level. To combat this, the elongated posture brings the least amount of resistance compared to a body with large, well-developed muscles like a bodybuilder. As a result, you will find that most athletes have a tapered skeleton with a relatively narrow pelvis and not too large buttocks. Then just do a streamline and you look like a torpedo ready to surf.

7. Biceps and triceps

For all swimmers, they use triceps to finish a fan cycle, which means during their career they do 3.2 million tricep extensions.
With that much activity, the triceps can’t help but get big.

Sarah Sjostrom
Sarah Sjostrom

All of the above factors are identifying characteristics of a swimmer? Say no exaggeration, swimming is the method that helps you overcome the weaknesses of your body. Do you want a beautiful, perfect body? Let’s swim, they will help you a lot.


What does female swimmer look like?

What do you know about breaststroke?

Among the 04 swimming techniques, breaststroke is used the most. Maybe because breaststroke is quite easy for beginners to swim, but mainly because of the benefits that breaststroke brings to swimmers. To give you a better look at this swim style, we will help you through the following article.

1. Do you know what breaststroke is?

Perhaps when we hear the name, we can easily imagine this swimming style. So what is breaststroke?

Breaststroke along with freestyle, butterfly, and backstroke is one of the four basic swimming styles of swimming. This is a slow swimming style and is loved by many people because they are quite easy to perform and can rest comfortably while swimming. And as the name suggests, when performing this style of swimming, we will simulate the style and posture of the frog when moving underwater.

How to do breaststroke
How to do breaststroke

2. What is the benefit of breaststroke?

Probably knowing what frog swimming is, people will be interested in the benefits of this swim. So what is the benefit of breaststroke for all of us?

  • Good for joints and movement: breaststroke and other swimming styles all require movement of the whole body, especially the skeletal system. Therefore, when swimming regularly, the skeletal system is activated and becomes more flexible and certain. In addition, the breaststroke movement also stretches the bones and is very good for height development. If children learn to swim from a young age, they will have optimal height gain as they grow up, so it is seen as an effective method of height gain. This is probably the first effect that everyone knows when asked what are the benefits of breaststroke.
  • Enhance the health of the cardiovascular system, circulation: The whole body movement will help the blood vessels to circulate better, improve the heart rate and the health of the whole cardiovascular system in general.
  • Weight loss: This benefit of swimming cannot be overlooked. For those who want to lose weight and remove excess fat, breaststroke is a sport to consider and perform.
  • Improve and tone the body: Swimming is a full-body exercise, so it will help tone all the muscles in the body and help us have a more balanced, toned body.
  • Good for pregnant women: What are the benefits of breaststroke for pregnant women? The characteristic of breaststroke is that it does not take much strength, it does not have to turn around, so this is the best swimming style for pregnant women. This swimming style not only helps pregnant women improve their health but also helps the delivery process be easier.

3. What you should keep in mind while performing breaststroke?

Breaststroke is a basic and simple swimming style, but we often make some basic mistakes when performing. Therefore, when practicing this sport, we need to pay attention to the following things:

  • Warm-up before swimming: Here’s a basic breaststroke note that we all need to remember. Breaststroke is a sport and if we do not warm up well before doing it can cause the body to not adapt in time. That will negatively affect the body as well as cause us to experience unnecessary injuries.
  • Pay attention to swimming techniques: Foot pedal technique, hand fan technique when performing breaststroke is very important. If done correctly, they will save you energy as well as avoid leg fatigue, shoulder pain, neck …. If you are new to breaststroke, ask your trainer these things and try to get it right.
  • Breathe properly: Another note when performing breaststroke is also very much reminded is the breathing in breaststroke. You need to be aware of this because if you do not breathe properly, it will be very tiring and not bring good health effects. The most basic and correct breathing is through your nose as you dive, and breathing through your mouth when your head is raised.
  • Do not lift your head when breaststroke: Actually when doing the breaststroke, the head will be lifted naturally by the shoulder. However, many new swimmers will actively lift their heads, not shoulders. Doing this for a long time will cause neck and back pain, and for a long time, it will be harmful to your health.

Through the knowledge we synthesized above, hopefully, you have grasped the basics of breaststroke as well as some caution when performing it. This is a very healthy sport and you can do it every day to stay healthy and prolong your life.


What is the caution when performing breaststroke?


The jewels “huge” in Hollywood movies

Many Hollywood movies leave an impression on the jewels that make viewers dazzle and curious about the origin and side information about the brand. Here are a few pictures of the most prominent diamonds and gems in the history of Hollywood cinema.

The jewels "huge" in Hollywood movies

In the 1936 Desire movie, the actress Marlene Dietrich surprised audiences when she appeared with a series of precious jewelry on the film, including the 97-carat jewel from the high-end jewelry brand Trabert & Hoeffer- Mauboussin.

The jewels in Hollywood moviess

In the 1946 film Notorious directed by Alfred Hitchcock, a beautiful diamond necklace by Harry Winston appeared on the neck of actress Ingrid Bergman.

The jewels in Hollywood moviesss
The jewels in Hollywood moviesss

“Bom sex” Marilyn Monroe stood out in a pink dress and made viewers dazzle with a diamond necklace in the movie Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend (1953) directed by Howard Hawks.The jewels in Hollywood moviessss

Have you ever feel tired after swimming? Find out the reason now!

Surely this is a question many people are wondering, right? And usually, professional swimmers feel that way. Amateurs swimmers or beginners do not often feel exhausted like that. What is the reason?

Because swimming required the coordination of all muscle group

Swimming uses all of the major muscle groups and therefore is a demanding exercise that can tire the body. The breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly and freestyle engage the abdominals, biceps and triceps, glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps. Other primary muscles used in swimming include the anterior and posterior deltoids, pectorals and trapezius. 

When you swim, every stroke engages your shoulders, biceps, triceps, upper back, and chest. Your arms are responsible for reaching forward during the upstroke phase of each stroke, and for pulling you forward by pushing through the water on the downstroke phase of each stroke.

This pushing-and-pulling motion engages the arms and chest while the rotation of the arms either forward, as in the breaststroke, or backward, as in the backstroke, engages the shoulders and upper back for a toned upper body. After you finish your swim, you can further tone your underarm area with water-based arm exercises. Side and front arm raise, with your arms submerged in the water, can help you tone your triceps.

The constant use of limbs and muscles to bring people forward, plus the resistance of the water, so after you finish a workout, you’ll often get tired. The reason is that you use a lot of energy during swimming.

Because you swim the wrong technique

When you do the swimming techniques in the wrong way, you will be more effortless than usual and get tired quickly. Some techniques are often mistakenly performed among amateur swimmers or beginners.

Struggle to find relaxation while swimming

This is the most important factor for you to complete for your swimming technique.
Because the body is always in a state of muscle and joint tension that makes the movement always heavy, the body is out of balance, you always have to find a way to keep the body in place, the more you try, the more wrong you are.

While swimming, you need to relax the whole body in its most natural state, knowing when to apply force and not.

Performing the wrong force

Instead of gently pulling your legs, kicking hard, and closing quickly, you’re doing the opposite. That is why the force you emit is very strong but ineffective. That way, you take a lot of effort and have to do it many times and still can’t move far.
Attention should be paid to accurately perform the pedal movement to achieve optimal force and buoyancy for the body because the speed of swimming depends mainly on the movement of the foot pedal.

The basic things to notice about the pedal movement are:
– Shrink legs, bend legs slowly, kick hard and close legs fast
– When retracted, pull the leg back so that the leg is close to the buttock; The right knee extends to the sides. Do not bend knees on the abdomen, hips flexed too much
– The force coming from the thighs kicks the heel to the sides. When you step on, you need to hold your ankle firmly so that you can accurately step on the heel.

Use the excessive force on the shoulder when fanning

In hand fan technique, instead of using the force of the hand fan out, you use the force from the shoulder to pull out, but the force of the water from the hand doesn’t have any force at all. So you waste your energy on this move.
In hand movements, you should use the force from the hands to fan the water to the sides, fan slowly, certainly not too fast to be able to support the easiest rise and breath.

Because you can’t breathe right

When you do not take enough air, your body is deprived of oxygen. Therefore, the performance of a movement sometimes takes hold to be able to complete a cycle of movements. That makes your muscles and joints lack oxygen to function, leading to muscle fatigue; you will be exhausted very quickly and very tired.

Whether you can swim far, swim a lot or not is based on regular breathing. With air, you can maintain muscle strength and endurance.

Because of the water temperature

Water temperature affects how you feel after swimming. Cold water can cause muscle strain due to a decrease in blood flow, and also the body must work harder to stay warm. Warm pools tend to increase the body temperature, which may lead to fatigue. Ideal water temperatures for swimming are about 25 to 27 Celsius degree. 

If you’ve finished your swimming session and feel exhausted and really tired, you can check 01 of those above reasons to see if you are doing anything wrong. And you can add some nutritious meal or some other activities. We give you some suggestion below:

  • To avoid this exhausting feeling, you can try and eat something before the swimming sessions and refill with more protein rather than carbs after because carbs increase the food coma effect.
  • You can try leaving the first cup of coffee until after the swimming session since the workout will probably stimulate the body enough anyway. Then, you can drink your well-earned coffee but pay attention to consume it in portions rather than taking a huge amount once. 
  • You can do an easy 15-20 minute jog or cycle after swimming to stimulate blood circulation and heat up the body.

So, whatever the reason is, body fatigue after practicing is inevitable. You can only be more careful with technique so you don’t burn out or the worst-case scenario is the possibility of fainting while swimming, which can lead to drowning. And remember to take healthy nutritional supplements for energy after you finishing your swimming session.


Can You Get Tired After Swimming? Things You Haven’t Discover Yet!

Black Thai Silver Jewelry – A mysterious attraction

Silver is processed by high oxidation technology, creating black color alternating with white color of silver. Many people prefer the oxidized silver smoke color to its original shiny color. The black color of silver is controlled by the artist during the oxidation process so it is very durable over the time you use it. One highlight of Black Thai Silver is that when you polish it, the raised surfaces become shiny while the black concave surfaces create a very special patchy effect.

In the general market, silver jewelry products are usually made from 925 silver which means that 92.5% is pure silver and 7.5% is other metals (usually copper) to create a certain hardness. for jewelry but still retaining the quality and value of silver. At Lady Jewelry – Silver SQB, the product line made from pure Thai Black Silver is trusted by many customers to use as an item to enhance beauty and support health.

Black Thai Silver Jewelry - A mysterious attraction
Black Thai Silver Jewelry – A mysterious attraction

Silver is processed by high oxidation technology, creating the black color alternating with the white color of silver. Many people prefer the oxidized silver smoke color to its original shiny color. The black color of silver is controlled by the artist during the oxidation process so it is very durable over the time you use it. One highlight of Black Thai Silver is that when you polish it, the raised surfaces become shiny while the black concave surfaces create a very special patchy effect but don’t feel distracting. You still feel the sophistication and attractive beauty in every detail. Black Thai Silver Oxidation technology is often done in small motifs that require meticulous handcrafted jewelry such as earrings, beads, silver chains, silver pendants, silver bracelets, silver rings …


It is also often used to recreate the look of antique silver jewelry. The exquisitely crafted products are especially suitable for masculine products and highlight the delicate fish of men. It can be said that SIL THAI jewelry processing technique (especially Silver Thai black jewelry) currently has no country to learn and it has become a feature and quintessence of the beautiful country of Thailand. .



Many bride – groom couples especially “like the belly” with a white gold wedding ring because of the modern and European sophistication of white gold. However, the fear of losing color, being afraid of polishing or polishing the ring makes the bride and groom couples wonder.



✔️ Beautiful white gold wedding ring with high light reflectivity is because it is coated with Rhodium – the material is many times more expensive than gold
✔️ White gold wedding ring is durable thanks to the anti-oxidation and scratch-resistant nano layer
✔️ The stones on the white gold rings are always more sparkling and beautiful thanks to better refractive light than yellow gold.
✔️ Not only white gold, but all gold and rose gold jewelry or wedding rings should be refreshed after 6 months to look shiny and beautiful like new.

Advanced Rhodium coating technology
Advanced Rhodium coating technology



What is the benefit of breaststroke to body?

Swimming is considered a very good exercise sport for the health of women, especially helping your muscles to be more toned, helping your body become thinner, burning excess body fat. Swimming is the type of movement from head to toe, in addition to having the best natural massage performance, can promote blood circulation of the whole body blood circulation system, increase replacement, increase fat loss, promote the development of muscles of limbs, abdomen, thighs, back … strengthen internal organs function, enhance the body’s resistance.

When you are swimming, the water provides the resistance your muscles have to fight against as they kick and stroke to propel your body across the pool. In fact, water is more resistant than air and land, so your muscles have to work harder to move you through water than they do to move you through the air or across the land. Doing each stroke properly not only lengthens and stretches the muscles used, but the repeated movement to stay moving through the water helps you develop muscle endurance as well. The result is more toned muscles throughout your body.

If you want to fix some parts of your body, swimming!

Targeted weight loss is impossible, alas, and hormones, genetics and stress all play a role in how fat accumulates in certain areas, but what you can do is add lean muscle mass in problem areas, ensuring that when you do lose those last stubborn pounds your body will be healthy and toned. And swimming is actually one of the best sports both for overall health (because it provides simultaneous cardio, strength, and flexibility benefits) and for toning (because it’s a full-body workout that addresses your arms, legs, and core, regardless of which stroke you use). Certain strokes do emphasize different muscle groups, so if you want to focus on specific problem areas you can add targeted workouts:


All swim strokes engage your shoulders, biceps, and triceps. If you want to do extra arm work, add some pull drills using a pull buoy and paddles.


Swimming gives your glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, and ankles a workout. Breaststroke, in particular, tones the inner thigh. For additional leg (and ab) toning, try incorporating a kickboard into your workout.


All strokes tone your upper back and chest, and the core work will also help trim your waistline. The twisting motion of the freestyle and backstroke tones the abdominals and lower back, while the breaststroke and butterfly tone the chest and back.

Which stroke helps tone the legs the most?

Within 04 strokes, breaststroke is the one that helps tone your legs the most. Breaststroke is one of the traditional swimming styles, simulated by the swimming movements of the frog while underwater. Breaststroke is a pretty easy swim, for beginners to practice. Swimming frog not only helps swimmers have skills to protect themselves safely in the water but also helps support weight loss, especially tapering the legs, thighs, calves, toning muscles, preventing sagging.

Benefits of breaststroke to health

Movements in breaststroke technique mainly on the back foot and arm forward. Therefore, it will have an unexpected effect on the spine and developing skeletal system to improve the height as desired.

Every day swimmers should swim the breaststroke for a period of 30-60 minutes, and at least 3 times per week to help the body reduce the risk of stroke, diabetes, or heart …

Breaststroke is a type of swimming that regularly operates a combination of spending in all parts of the body, greatly reducing the risk of injury, especially for limbs, joints and muscles, thanks to the support of water.

In addition, not only has certain effects on the body, helping you have a healthy body, people with rough legs can seek the help of this type of swimming.
Breaststroke not only does not make the legs big but also helps your legs slimmer due to the thrust and frequency of underwater walking.

In conclusion, swimming is not only beneficial in achieving a healthy body. It also helps us to repair the parts of the body we don’t like. What are you waiting for without jumping into the water to do a few laps?

Source: Will Swimming Make Legs Slimmer? Click To Find Out!

Air Jordan 1 High OG “Hyper Royal”


Air Jordan 1 High OG “Hyper Royal”


This new color “Hyper Royal” Air Jordan 1 High OG version, slated for release in 2021, uses suede and leather on the body of the logo high heel to create a visual change. sense. And using gray, light blue and white to complement each other creates a fresh and unique color scheme, demonstrating Air Jordan’s innovation 1. Although there is no co-brand blessing, color injection Such new topic may have a chance of becoming the next topic.


Air Jordan 1 KO “Chicago”


Speaking of the Air Jordan 1 color scheme, of course, there will be a mention of the “Chicago” representative color scheme, and if you look closely, this is not the OG style but the canvas material “KO”! The last release of this model started back in 2014, and it was re-released after almost 7 years, which is sure to get fans of AJ1 quite excited. In addition to the material changes, the text “AJKO” is also written on the Wings Logo on the side, showing its various classical variations.

How to Choose Beautiful Ring Styles That Match Girl’s Hand

Each of us has a beautiful hand and each hand has a different beauty. Choosing for themselves a ring suitable for their hands is something that many women care about. If you also want to know how to choose, please join us to find out through today’s article!

Instructions on how to choose a beautiful female ring for your girlfriend

To choose a ring suitable for the hands, the first thing we need to pay attention is the shape of our hands. With each hand shape, we will have different TIPs to choose for themselves a beautiful ring, most suitable, to help flatter those lovely hands.

Hand shape shoots shoots

If you have a sleeveless shape then congratulations, with this hand shape you can choose any ring style, they are also suitable for these pretty little hands, as long as you like. This is a hand shape that can match all different beautiful rings.

Hand shape shoots shoots
Hand shape shoots shoots

Hand compact, compact, thin and long fingers

If you have a small, compact, thin and long fingers, this is the secret to help you choose the best ring for yourself. With this hand shape, the palms will usually be narrow and rectangular in shape. So, you need to choose for yourself a ring that helps your hand balance, square and plump. The advice for you is to choose a ring with a small block with a stone or jade face or if possible, you can choose a diamond with a circle or square, choose a small medium to help the table. your hands are more balanced.

Hand compact, compact, thin and long fingers
Hand compact, compact, thin and long fingers

You should pay attention to the finger length, do not leave the nail long because it will create a smaller and thinner effect. If nail polish, choose for yourself light tones such as white, pink, light blue … avoid dark colors that will make your hands lose their inherent slenderness.

Big hands, short thin fingers

With large hands, thin and short fingers, square palms, you should let your nails be slim, slightly pointed, giving you a slender look. This type of hand should choose rings with a moderate size, avoid rings that are too big that will make the hand look rough. The ring face should be selected with an elongated shape or a rectangular shape or a diamond shape. Do not choose too large face types. If you have a preference for nail polish, choose red, grape or sepia paint colors to help you harmonize.

Big hands, short thin fingers
Big hands, short thin fingers

Big hands, rough fingers and wide nails

If you are using a large hand shape, with a coarse finger, and a wide nail, then your advice is to file your nails slightly round and use bold paint and leave the sides apart to make the nail look smaller. Choose for yourself the rings with the right ring size, diamond shape or oval shape.

5 Basic Rules Of Swimming For Junior This Summer!

In hot weather, people will surely rush to swim. There is nothing better than being immersed in cool water. However, drowning can happen to anyone, whether you know how to swim or being an excellent swimmer, including adults and even children. So, you must understand the rules of swimming in order to avoid all possible bad situations.

First, you must know 5 Basic Rules of swimming:

1. Water Comfort:

  • Being comfortable in the water
  • Spending time in a shallow pool or wadding in the ocean

2. Breath control:

  • Water entering the nose and mouth when you’re a novice swimmer
  • Exercise such as drawing a breath, submerging, blowing bubbles and then resurface for another breath
  • Specific breathing techniques for different stroke

3. Floating:

  • Keeping your body horizontal position in the water 
  • Not a difficult skill, since human are naturally buoyant
  • Require a few techniques

4. Kicking:

  • Provides propulsion through the water
  • Also used in treading water, which is the process of remaining in one place while keeping your head above the water line
  • Kickboard, flat flotation devices made of foam or plastic that support the swimmer’s body
  • Allow you to focus solely on your kicking technique without worrying about staying afloat

5. Stroke:

  • The arm movements used to pull the body through the water
  • Front Crawl (Freestyle), Backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly: each stroke use different body positioning, breathing techniques and arm movements
  • Best learned when training with a qualified coach

Different techniques of 04 stroke

Butterfly stroke

The swimmer must remain on the breast at all times with synchronized arm and leg movements. Arms must recover clear of the water and enter the water together In front of the swimmer. Legs must remain together throughout the stroke and only vertical motion is permitted. Any separation of the legs or horizontal movement is considered illegal and thus subjects the swimmer to disqualification.

At the start of a race, swimmers dive in and are permitted as many fly legs kick as they want, subject to the head breaking the surface of the pool before the 15m point. At the turns and at the end of the race, swimmers must touch the pool wall or timing pad with both hands simultaneously.


Here arms and legs follow a circular motion and must remain synchronous at all times. Swimmers must remain on the breast at all times and must stay flat in the water. If the body twists slightly, this will throw the legs off of a horizontal plane, resulting in what is termed a screw kick, resulting in a disqualification. At turns and the finish, a touch must be made with both hands, at the same time.


Swimmers must remain on their back at all times, except for when performing a turn. Here the swimmer may turn to their breast and initiate a turn immediately, leaving the wall on their back. Any time spent on the breast heading towards the wall is not allowed and if spotted by the turn judge will result in disqualification.

As with butterfly stroke, swimmers must break the surface of the water before the 15m mark. At the finish, it is normal for the swimmers to duck under the water to gain an advantage. This is acceptable, providing a part of the body is above the water at the time of touching the wall.


This stroke is generally considered the fastest stroke, although for some stronger swimmers, butterfly stroke may be quicker. Freestyle is pretty much anything goes and there is nothing to prevent swimmers from performing backstroke or butterfly during a freestyle race, as long as the whole race uses the same stroke. Swimmers must touch the wall at the turns and the finish, with the most common rule infringements being not touching the wall, or coming up in the wrong lane from the turn.

One additional event for the swimmer is the individual medley event. Here four strokes have swum in order, butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. Each stroke will be swum for 25% of the race with the freestyle stroke being anything that hasn’t already been swum. At the end of each stroke, it is important to perform the finish for that stroke, so for instance at the end of the butterfly stroke, a two-handed touch must be made before starting the backstroke. A common error is to perform a tumble turn between strokes, thus not satisfying the finish for the stroke, resulting in a disqualification.

Each stroke requires different techniques, the best for your safety is to master at least 1 of 04 strokes to avoid a bad situation that could happen. If there is something bad happen, you can use that stroke you swim best to stay survive.

Hope you will have a joyful summertime and be safe!


What are the basic rules for swimming?

Gucci Rhyton shoes have distinct stains

Next, the appearance of the Rhyton Gucci Logo Sneaker again caused noise about the true value of the shoe. With 2 Gucci logos printed on the side, suspended in the sole and upper, showing the superior printing technique on the ivory white background of the entire shoe, is the motto of the fashion company leading the trend. , “Innovating and getting younger every day”. This version has a very “monster” dark pink version, challenging all fashion players


Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele also released a Web Print template and a template inspired by the once hot SEGA game, bringing new nuances to the Gucci Rhyton shoe line.


No residual glue, no sewing thread, no small spots that affect the beauty and quality of the Gucci Rhyton pair. Many buyers were surprised by the comfort and the weight is much lighter than imagined. The outside is real leather, the inside is also high-grade textile, the lining is made of leather with the unmistakable logo, making it easier to wear shoes for a long time, without feeling like the “old dad’s shoes” are still seen.

The secret to choosing a handbag for a girl of modest height

For girls with small stature, it is necessary to choose a bag to not grow tall and improve height. Let’s join Nianow to choose the handbag for her “dwarf mushroom” right away!

Choose a carry bag for work days

The so-called “shoulder bags” when used for work are the smart choice of short, light-weight girls. This item is easy to combine with other outfits and is extremely trendy and fashionable, helping her “dwarf mushroom” easily cheat her height and shape.

Choose a carry bag for work days
Choose a carry bag for work days

Or if you have a short and slightly round figure, you should choose small bags that fit your body. Pay attention to the body ratio and the size of the big-to-small handbag to choose the most suitable handbag.

Bucket bag – the popular line of outing bags

As the most trendy bag style in the end of 2018 and early 2019, with a rounded lid, the unique feature of the round shape has helped Bucket bag create a strong wave in fashion trends of fashionista. It is also because of this slim design that Bucket Bag will create a perfect highlight for her entire set, helping her not to be “drowned” with her modest physique.

Bucket bag
Bucket bag

Bucket Bag often has a wide design inside, so it can hold many things such as phones, headphones, wallets, … In addition, with a variety of colors and youthful, Bucket Bag brings to her. “Dwarf mushroom” has a more confident and luxurious manner when on the street.

Hand Wallet- Item for party parties

Small girls often possess “no age” beauty. However, in order to preserve this youthful look, when choosing Clutch for a luxury nightclub, the “dwarf mushrooms” should pay attention to choosing soft leather clutches instead of stone clutches to avoid the case of “lookin”. than in my appearance. Especially when the wedding season is approaching, a lovely and stylish leather clutch is indispensable in her wardrobe.

Hand Wallet- Item for party parties
Hand Wallet- Item for party parties

A suitable bag with a suitable outfit will help you cover up all the blemishes in the eyes of the opposite person. After reading this article, the short girls immediately buy a clutch, shoulder bag, or a youthful bucket bag for me!

Nianow always has specialized bags, exclusively for dwarf girls, come right now.

Nike HyperAdapt 1.0

It is worth mentioning that the Auto Lacing technology applied for the first time in a pair of Nike sneaker is considered a pioneer in technology reaching the future and Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 is the touch. Although it is still necessary to adjust the users themselves, this is considered an important turning point in the self-adaptive shoe technology that the industry is always looking forward to in the future.


A shoe with styling technology is too bulky. That must be the question of most users. Nike’s answer will make you happy when HyperAdapt 1.0 shoes feature Nike’s signature design. The color scheme is also very subtle when only releasing 3 main color schemes: White / White-White; Black / Blue Lagoon-Landscape-White; Metallic Silver / White-Black.


Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 – Affordable price

Integrating futuristic technologies into a pair of crossbow shoes you wonder how much the Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 sneakers cost. Even when it was first known at the Nike’s Innovation event held in March 2016, the shoes were considered to have a heavenly price.

And indeed when HyperAdapt 1.0 shoes were officially released for a limited quantity (about 1000 pairs) at the Nike SoHo and Nike + Clubhouse stores, in New York City on December 17, 2017, Nike made the price. retail price is 720 USD or 16 million VND. With a smart shoe this is probably a not too surprising price, but the limited release of only 1000 pairs around the world has made the shoes sometimes pushed up for real prices in the sky.


How to clean and preserve suede shoes

cách-vệ-sinh-và-bảo-quản-giày-da-lộn (1)cách-vệ-sinh-và-bảo-quản-giày-da-lộn (1)
cách-vệ-sinh-và-bảo-quản-giày-da-lộn (1)

Suede is a fabulous, sophisticated fashion item to upgrade your style. However, suede material is also very easy to get dirty or discolored by weather and dirt. Hence, keeping and cleaning new and clean suede shoes can be quite a daunting task. Of course, there’s no way we can buy great shoes just keep them in boxes, knowing how to clean suede shoes is also essential for us men.


TrungSneaker will share with you some tips as well as tips to help you keep your favorite suede shoes looking new, especially in the rainy and windy climate in Vietnam.

With the leather material you have to be careful not to damage your shoes in the process. If your shoes are made of genuine suede, be sure to only clean them by hand and avoid putting them in a washer or dryer. Also, we need to check any shoe storage instructions provided by that brand before we start cleaning them.

How to clean the sneakers

Sneakers are the perfect choice for casual everyday wear and suede sneakers can be a good choice for the Nike, adidas, and puma suede lines. However, wearing suede shoes on the street can quickly make them quite dirty with dirt.

A must-have first step when cleaning a sports suede shoe is to remove the laces and maintain the shoe shape with a special shoe tree or anything of the same capacity. Then, use a special gum to remove the necessary dirt before cleaning with a dedicated soft bristle brush (or toothbrush), shoe cleaning solution and water. Once clean, allow your shoes to dry before using another dry scrubbing brush for an original natural look in suede.


How to clean leather shoes like boots

Suede boots (Suede boots) are all slightly dust-oriented and strong that will highlight the clothes you are wearing. From classic neutral colors like black, deep brown, … to outstanding, youthful colors like navy blue, light gray or gray … To own a beautiful durable suede boots is also required. We must clean and store them in careful condition. To start cleaning, we can remove the shoelace then use a specialized soft brush dipped in water and sanitizing solution. Next, place one hand inside the shoe to stretch the face to be rub, the other hand use a brush to rotate it evenly in a circular direction. Repeat with the remaining boots and rinse with water to rinse off the solution and let dry for 24 hours. Once dry, you can now use a little brushed mink oil to bring back the softness of your suede shoes.


How to clean white suede shoes

White suede shoes can make one of the shoes stand out in style but of course this is also the color that makes people “the most laborious” in care. To keep your white shoes looking their best, be sure to apply a skin protection spray before going out and remove any signs of dirt as soon as they appear. Start by soaking up the water before using the eraser to fix the stain. For further cleaning, clean it again with a soft cloth soaked in white vinegar or a soft bristle brush with a cleaning solution that gently scrubs the dirt, rinse and let dry.


Women’s leather wallet for a girl who loves meticulousness

Are you a lover of meticulousness and sophistication? Want a meticulously designed women’s leather purse to suit your taste? So which option is best for you. Please refer to the suggestions below to have a best choice.

Handmade women’s leather wallet perfect choice for girlfriends who love meticulousness

Referring to handmade products, people immediately think of the meticulousness and sophistication in each needle thread. And this is clearly shown in the extremely eye-catching and delicate handmade women’s leather purses. If you are a discreet girl who loves meticulousness, this is definitely the perfect choice. Not only having diverse designs, these women’s leather purses are also extremely durable because they are designed and sewed by experienced craftsmen themselves with real leather so you can be assured of durability as well as the meticulousness of these purses.

Handmade women’s leather wallets have high aesthetics and are always present in fashion items of trendy girls. How about you? The meticulousness coming from handmade women’s leather purses will surely make you admire.

Handmade women's leather wallet is a suitable choice for those who love meticulousness
Handmade women’s leather wallet is a suitable choice for those who love meticulousness

Which wallets will suit a meticulous girl like you?

The leather wallets that girls love meticulously, discreetly love them, often long-shaped wallets and folding women’s leather wallets.

For long-form female leather wallets, you will be satisfied with its simple yet sophisticated design. This wallet model is very convenient, with a long shape, you can put in many large-sized items without worrying that the wallet will be deformed, causing loss of aesthetics. This wallet model is often used by ladies in luxury parties that are both delicate and convenient to hold.

Different from long-form female leather wallets with fixed size, the wallets are compact, foldable and extremely pretty. The process of sewing folding wallets is also somewhat more elaborate, requiring the designer to be extremely meticulous and careful to create the perfect folding wallet.

A luxury women's long leather wallet suitable for parties
A luxury women’s long leather wallet suitable for parties

Women’s leather purses have many styles and trends, it’s not difficult to choose a suitable wallet, right? Do you have a choice for yourself yet? Please visit to see more diverse women’s leather wallets with many extremely meticulous and delicate handmade leather designs. These will be indispensable accessories to show your class. You can also call hotline 0924 808 789 for advice and more information about attractive promotions.

Beautiful accessories and leather handbags give women more confidence

It is monotonous to wear only a brand name leather handbag that is “hot” with a fashionable outfit without the accompanying fashion accessories. You will ask, what are the fashion accessories to match and correct? This article will share pocket tips for women who combine leather handbags with the most beautiful and trendy accessories today.

Accessories will be fashionable glasses that match your hairstyle and shoes with the same color and style as the bag you own

Young and lovely streetwear fashion style
Young and lovely streetwear fashion style

Young girls who love fashion will not be strangers to model Minh Hang. She has an impressive way of coordinating and is appreciated by fashion experts for her aesthetic taste. These model accessories often mix together that are: glasses, bags, shoes, scarves … very stylish and Italian. Each outfit will come with its own fashion items. Attentively, they will have the same style, for example: summer street fashion, spring fashion, autumn and winter fashion, beach fashion, prom fashion, office fashion … Each occasion will There are ways to choose clothes with different accessories.

The sample in the picture is a summer-day streetwear outfit with a white-style outfit with a beautiful little scarf in vibrant color and a fresh yellow dress. The accessory that comes with the bag is an impressive blue bean shell high-quality leather handbag, with a simple and youthful design with a blue high-heeled shoe with the same bag. There is no lack of stylish black sunglasses that protect the eyes and accentuate the model’s beautiful face.

Accessories come with a high-class leather handbag simply a wide-brimmed fashion hat for traveling with family and friends

pocket hat and handbag template as it's impressive
pocket hat and handbag template as it’s impressive

The leather handbag model on the picture has a luxurious and stylish design with a black wide-brimmed hat very suitable. Travel attire will make a wide, pleated armpit shirt with a skirt or wide leggings are all suitable.

Young ladies will surely fall in love with the style of handbags combined with fashion hats on the pictures for outdoor trips and picnics.

Fashion handbag store specializes in providing quality leather handbags, selling at the right prices, and has a warranty card for customers to buy with peace of mind.

WHAT ARE PROPHERE F1 SHOES? Is the quality good for you to give up the money?

You may have come across Prophere templates at e-commerce websites. So can you distinguish between F1, Replica or Genuine products? Will the quality of these lines be like? How long does it matter? Those are the questions that Tuloshop’s customers often ask for advice. And the answer let’s find out in the article below.

Evaluate the quality of Prophere F1 shoes

Adidas Prophere F1 shoes are considered to be the lowest quality goods today. Not only in aesthetics but also in quality. Often chosen by students, students, because the price is cheap, suitable for the economy. This is also a product line widely sold on the market, many units still “hang the head of a goat selling dog meat” say super fake, replica, …

If you are “aiming” for the Adidas Prophere F1 pair and do not know the quality? Whether to buy or not? Then take the time to find the answer in the article below.


What are F1 shoes? What are Adidas F1 shoes?

F1 is the abbreviation of the phrase Fake 1, it is the “fake” goods. This means that if compared to quality, Fake is better than F1. They have an exterior design similar to genuine 65%. But in terms of quality, I dare not talk about it – right with the sentence “What money of that”?

As you know the fake goods that are only “the outside code”, the worse F1 is. This is the truth and not exaggerating at all.

Those who have used fake goods will know, only the appearance is worn, imitated by high-end brands, but the processing materials, smoothness, the roof is extremely bad, … forged immediately.


Should I buy the Adidas Prophere F1 shoe?

There is “demand” to be “supply”, which is the market rule. Although the quality is quite poor, the Adidas Prophere F1 series is often chosen by students. Because the price is cheap, suitable for economy, take it out, go to school mainly.

But to be honest, if you are not “strong” economically and only “enough” to pay with the amount of 300,000 VND or less, then you absolutely can buy a good pair of shoes with popular brands.


Having “swing” to the Adidas Prophere pair proves you like its design, style and brand. Or simply want to “catch up with the trend”. But believe TuloShop, with F1 shoes you will be “peeled off” by the opposite person using the fake goods immediately. Because only a glance is discovered.

But if you ignore the issue of “swing trend” or “trendy”, “follow the trend”, TuloShop also advises you not to choose F1, not only for the Adidas Prophere line but in any sports shoes. other too.

Because the quality of the shoe is very poor, if you regularly walk, exercise, jog, travel, … and wear “it”, then make sure your feet will swell. Then in hot summers will cause squash, hot, sweat, smell, .. making you not confident in asserting yourself.

Sneakers are not simply an accessory, in essence when buying shoes you are also advised to buy shoes that fit and match you. Because even if you use auth products that are not suitable for your legs, it also causes problems such as swelling of the skin, calluses – lumpy, bent toes, deformed legs, injured ankles, …

Using F1, too, just after a short time, your feet will show signs of swelling, redness, followed by blistering, calluses and more severe deformation of the leg bones, …

Next is the longevity problem, most of the Fake 1 shoes in general, Adidas Prophere F1 in particular are less durable. Even if you preserve it carefully, using 3 – 4 months is damaged, from deformation, reclining base, peeling skin, … In fact, the replica sneaker, rep 1: 1 is only a few hundred higher. thousands, but the quality must be said as “above all great”.


You may not know, but fake goods also have “fake that – fake this”. Specifically, on the market today, in addition to Prophere F1 series, there are also Prophere super fake, Prophere replica, Prophere rep 1: 1. In which the best “remake” is rep 1: 1, followed by replica, and finally super fake and fake 1.

Should buy Prophere F1 shoes in Vietnam?

nianow is trying to prove to you that the F1 products are poor, from appearance, quality to longevity. What do you hope for a product that does not meet anything but the “slightly cheap” price? And if you are a sneakerhead or simply care about your health, then you should “invest” a bit in fake goods.



We are a unit specializing in providing “remade” sneaker models with excellent quality, perfect and meticulous in each line that you can confidently “put all your trust”.

Do you know how many ways to wear beautiful long straps?

A trendy bag does not necessarily give its user a classy look. Because, what is important is how to wear your beautiful handbag

For men, handbag is merely an accessory in modern life. Women think that a handbag is a true miniature world. Being able to keep everything they need and also a part “inseparable” to make the perfect fashion style for themselves. Therefore, women are always passionate about handbags. See them as best friends. Because of that, owning beautiful handbags is the goal of every fashion girl.

However, a trendy handbag does not necessarily give its users the class. Few people know that the other half of the problem is to know how to wear a beautiful handbag. Let the bag just exude all its inherent beauty. While honoring the style of the individual who uses it. Small bags with long strings to make items that every lady must have one. However, not everyone knows how to wear this bag properly. If you are wondering, please come to our suggestions below.

How to wear a long strap handbag
How to wear a long strap handbag

Wear a short cross pocket

The bags with long straps are very suitable for feminine but also energetic office ladies. With a long strap, this bag is quite flexible because you can carry or shoulder it. Depending on different circumstances or circumstances. Add to that the variety of sizes and colors that make it suitable for almost any type of outfit. From going out, going to work or partying with friends. During the New York Fashion Week. Firm Proenza Schouler has promoted an impressive short cross-pocket bag. With this wearing, ladies will look very stylish in summer design.

Proenza Schouler favors a short cross-pocket in her latest collection
Proenza Schouler favors a short cross-pocket in her latest collection
Proenza Schouler favors a short cross-pocket in her latest collectionn
Proenza Schouler favors a short cross-pocket in her latest collectionn

Wear a long cross pocket

The satchel bags often have a sturdy design, square or rounded edges to create a solid overall. Bags usually have a carry strap and a long strap and are usually relatively sized to help you with some of the basics like notebooks, basic makeup, phones and purses. It is still the way of cross-wearing, but the long-strap style, the waist-length pocket is a popular way to wear a beautiful handbag today.

Wear a long cross pocket
Wear a long cross pocket
Wear a long cross pocket
Wear a long cross pocket
Wear a long cross pocket
Wear a long cross pocket
Wear a long cross pocket
Wear a long cross pocket

Wear a shoulder bag

In addition to cross-wearing, she can choose to wear a beautiful one shoulder bag. To give yourself a dynamic and generous look. With a short one shoulder strap, you should choose to combine with simple clothes. Avoid wearing a lot of clothes to get caught. As for the short one shoulder strap, you should depend on your body height. To choose a reasonable bag length, avoid too long compared to the upper body. Will cause deviation and imbalance to the body.

Wear a shoulder bag
Wear a shoulder bag
Wear a shoulder bag
Wear a shoulder bag
Wear a shoulder bag
Wear a shoulder bag
Wear a shoulder bag
Wear a shoulder bag
Wear a shoulder bag
Wear a shoulder bag