How to clean and preserve suede shoes

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cách-vệ-sinh-và-bảo-quản-giày-da-lộn (1)

Suede is a fabulous, sophisticated fashion item to upgrade your style. However, suede material is also very easy to get dirty or discolored by weather and dirt. Hence, keeping and cleaning new and clean suede shoes can be quite a daunting task. Of course, there’s no way we can buy great shoes just keep them in boxes, knowing how to clean suede shoes is also essential for us men.


TrungSneaker will share with you some tips as well as tips to help you keep your favorite suede shoes looking new, especially in the rainy and windy climate in Vietnam.

With the leather material you have to be careful not to damage your shoes in the process. If your shoes are made of genuine suede, be sure to only clean them by hand and avoid putting them in a washer or dryer. Also, we need to check any shoe storage instructions provided by that brand before we start cleaning them.

How to clean the sneakers

Sneakers are the perfect choice for casual everyday wear and suede sneakers can be a good choice for the Nike, adidas, and puma suede lines. However, wearing suede shoes on the street can quickly make them quite dirty with dirt.

A must-have first step when cleaning a sports suede shoe is to remove the laces and maintain the shoe shape with a special shoe tree or anything of the same capacity. Then, use a special gum to remove the necessary dirt before cleaning with a dedicated soft bristle brush (or toothbrush), shoe cleaning solution and water. Once clean, allow your shoes to dry before using another dry scrubbing brush for an original natural look in suede.


How to clean leather shoes like boots

Suede boots (Suede boots) are all slightly dust-oriented and strong that will highlight the clothes you are wearing. From classic neutral colors like black, deep brown, … to outstanding, youthful colors like navy blue, light gray or gray … To own a beautiful durable suede boots is also required. We must clean and store them in careful condition. To start cleaning, we can remove the shoelace then use a specialized soft brush dipped in water and sanitizing solution. Next, place one hand inside the shoe to stretch the face to be rub, the other hand use a brush to rotate it evenly in a circular direction. Repeat with the remaining boots and rinse with water to rinse off the solution and let dry for 24 hours. Once dry, you can now use a little brushed mink oil to bring back the softness of your suede shoes.


How to clean white suede shoes

White suede shoes can make one of the shoes stand out in style but of course this is also the color that makes people “the most laborious” in care. To keep your white shoes looking their best, be sure to apply a skin protection spray before going out and remove any signs of dirt as soon as they appear. Start by soaking up the water before using the eraser to fix the stain. For further cleaning, clean it again with a soft cloth soaked in white vinegar or a soft bristle brush with a cleaning solution that gently scrubs the dirt, rinse and let dry.