The jewels “huge” in Hollywood movies

The jewels in Hollywood moviessss

Many Hollywood movies leave an impression on the jewels that make viewers dazzle and curious about the origin and side information about the brand. Here are a few pictures of the most prominent diamonds and gems in the history of Hollywood cinema.

The jewels "huge" in Hollywood movies

In the 1936 Desire movie, the actress Marlene Dietrich surprised audiences when she appeared with a series of precious jewelry on the film, including the 97-carat jewel from the high-end jewelry brand Trabert & Hoeffer- Mauboussin.

The jewels in Hollywood moviess

In the 1946 film Notorious directed by Alfred Hitchcock, a beautiful diamond necklace by Harry Winston appeared on the neck of actress Ingrid Bergman.

The jewels in Hollywood moviesss
The jewels in Hollywood moviesss

“Bom sex” Marilyn Monroe stood out in a pink dress and made viewers dazzle with a diamond necklace in the movie Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend (1953) directed by Howard Hawks.The jewels in Hollywood moviessss